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Back to School


It's been four long weeks.  I can now give an accruate report on my high school, the Largest in the south-eastern United States, Home of all-time longest running football winning coach.  

It sucks.

It could be worse, but It sill sucks.

Time to profile the people I'll be dealing with the rest of the Year.

So all this week I'll be sure to tell you what happens to me on an everyday basis.

Like you care.

not now, cuz I"m sleepy and in a restless mood.


From now on This Journal will be for personal entries only.  They can still be viewed by everyone--It just means that my writings, ect. will be posted now on my sister Journal, K.O Jux.  This is to make the entries easier to find by tag, and easier for me to manage.

ja mata!


The Bridge

  This was originally going to be a post about the plot of my novel...until I went biking.

  Their are two bridges running through a man-made creek along a bike trail.  The First one is five mintues from my house.  The Second one I go underneath, and is about 3 miles from the first bridge.  Usually people just fish under the bridge, but sometimes your find other characters. 

  The '2nd Bridge' incident happened in two parts.  I had gone to bike early in the morning after breakfast.  I didn't think anyone was under the bridge until I was in the middle, where I saw a young man (maybe14-16, I only had a glimpse) asleep on the clay bank.  I couldn't help feeling sorry for him-he was probably homeless, or his parents didn't want him, ect.  I wanted to help, but it wasn't really like I could do anything.

  I went biking again later that evening, i was really wasn't expecting him to still be there- but he was.  The usual fishermen were there to, ignoring him.  I actually managed a good look at him this time-he was 21-ish, with spiked blonde hair and a torn jacket holding a plastic bag to his chest.  I came past him the second time.

  He was bent over, this kinda glazed look in eye, holding something to the inner elbow of his arm.  

  If you haven't figured out what he was doing yet, it was drugs.

  I don't know what kind.  It doesn't make much difference to me.  I still pitied him.  I hate pity.  it's unfair and 
does nothing, but I couldn't help it.  I kept thinking up all these different scenerios that could have led him to what he was.  It is most likely that he was a victim of chance, just like everyone else in the world.  I kept thinking he could have easily been anyone born into what he was; me, the fishermen, bill gates, the president, one of my friends who is unforunate to have grown up in not the best of homes...it could be anyone.  it could be you.  Just remeber that the next time you see someone like that.

The story of the '1st Bridge' happened today.  This does not bring out my pity, or any other feeling besides anger and amusement.  

  Wherever you, single reader, are, this may be a common sight.  But it isn't, or at least it wasn't.  it's becoming all the more common.  

  A few months ago, someone in the neighbor hood decided to go around and grafitti people houses.  I have nothing against grafitti is it is written on a surface that no-one really cares about- it is in it's own way, expression.  But on People's homes...no.  It wasn't even Pretty grafitti!

  Anyone, all the kids in the neighbor hood know who did it, even while the adults don't have a clue.  Its this gang of fairly new 15-17 year-olds.  no one really knows there names cause no one is sure where they live; all we know is that it is in the neighbourhood.  They call each-other dark throne and stuff.  But as far as anyone knows, they're average middle-class like the rest of us.  I have only ever seen them at distances before.  

  They were on the bridge smoking

  ...how did they even get it?!

 probably stole them from their dad...

Anyway, they were all hanging on the railings, y'know, the classic 'cool-guy' pose, flicking thier cigerettes and popping thier shirts (just regular shirts, they don't  have a dress code or anyhing).  And they were talking to eachother in that faked 'deep' voice...

I wanted to falling off my bike laughing at them.  

instead, I try to polietly bike by without of unesscary eye contact.  So being the awesome guy that he was, he blew smoke just as I went pass him.


That is just unforgivable.  I cant even described the stupidity...they are fine, they made okay grades last year, they have everything going for them...but they just arent taking it...

Maybe they should have seen the bridge boy, the need to understand just what they have...It Just makes me SO MAD....

That's my story for today.  I hope it gets you thinking. If only I could get those idiots to think...


catching up

  Five Whole weeks since I last posted.  Dang. 

I just never really got around to it, y' know...

Anyway, I ton of things happend in five weeks, Along with what may be a life changing decision.

I finished Harry Potter. (no spoilers follow) 

I Loved it.  It was perfect in the way it ended the story.  I wanted to scream, what about the other characters!?.  But at the same time I felt that it was just so poetic...It makes me say, this is really the end...but I'm okay.  This should be an end...does this make any sense?  I'm just filles me with awe every time I think about it.   It made me cry, it made me laugh...Harry potter has changed my life.  It made me see things in a new way, and it was the very first book I ever read without being forced.  And now it ends.  I was reading the thrid book yesterday. it was such a strange feeling.  
I love it.  It made me want to be an author.  It just means so much.  I'm rambling.  I'll stop now.

But still...go out and read it.  but read the others first.  or else it just has no meaning.  

I have an origianl story.  The Prolouge is written.  The Main Characters a plotted out, along with the story Line.  It's working title so far is "Child".  This is a big deal for me.  I have never gotten this far on a story before.  I might actually write this one!  It will my only novel, theme, ect.  I will work on this year, to try and get as much work into it befoere starting something else.  Which might be hard, since I'm taking creative writing this year...I'll start posting the chapters after I have written the fifth one.  

Also On the subject of school, (I'm entering high school) I am firendless except for one class.  Yep.  I don't have lunch with my firends.  I can't share my mistakes with them in algebra and feel better because they made worse mistakes.  We can't share the suffering of P.E together.

Well, creative writing and Art should be interesting with H....I can picture the choas...

(last year in english class)

Me: H. , what did you write for your short story?
H: I wrote about creepy psychic chocolate milk!
H: what...?  its creepy evil milk!
Me: your spelt psyhics..
H:...crap.  It's supposed to say psychic!

...True story.

So I will be a freashwoman in one week...I need a hug...

...But I'm still kinda happy 'cause I could be an exchange student in a few years!

Okay maybe this needs some explaining.  

  I have always been interested in different cultures, places, and more recently, languages.  My favorite laguages so far are icelandic, croatian, french, zulu, and japanese.  List of languages I understand a little: japanese.   Which is a joy to learn, actually.   I love it because it is so different from english.  I basically could make sense of anything grammerically speaking at the moment, its just the vocabualry I'm lacking...I really need myself a dictionary...

But back on the subject, My parents agreed that if I earned half the total expense and take-over money, and if I was accepted, I could go! YES!  I dont know which country  I will try and go to, but at the moment the main contenders are 
(in no particualr order) germany, Sweden, Spain, France, or Japan.  I have to narrow it down to one.  sigh...

So I am actually asking anyone who happens to stumble upon this and read it, to please give thier opinions if they have ever been on an exchange program! I would much apperciate it!

And we are finally at the most recent peice of news ( my hands hurt...)

We Went to the moutains!  I love there.  I never realized how flat my part of the state was...thier so high!  And from a distance, they really do look blue.  this milky, kinda navy-ish mixed with baby blue color.  And so many rivers! we went rafting on the Chattoga (bwerr,bwerr,bweerr,bwerrrrrrrbwer.) and the Nattahala.  

A quick warning to anyone going to the Natti...it is a man made river, controlled by the dam. the river's water is drawn form the bottom of the lake, where no sunlight ever reaches it.

So It's nice, clear, fog-creating, FREEZING water.  It never heats up!  Be perpared-if you fall in, forget the threat of rocks-you are far more likely to die like the people on Titanic.  

Chattooga, however, was the PREFECT swimming temperture.  which is good becuase along with amazing drops and falls and bumps, it also has nich places to just pull your boat off and take and brake and swim, dive from cliffs, et cetra.  If your go on the all day trip like we did, your get to go down a pot hole.  It is this hole that was formed when the current was caught in a spiral and carried gem stones harder than the surrounding rock, until it dug its way through.  Its awesome, really, when your jumped down into it your could feel the spirals along the walls!  How did we get out an eleven foot hole?  simple.  There is an opening right below the waterline in the pothole, with about one foot of rock sperating you from a cave.  just dive under the water real quic kand your out behind a waterfall.

It was so amazing.

Post-it note on the trip:  we mined for gems.  we found a big 4 inch thick peice of moonstone*.  The Lady at the store told us it was worthless, but I wouldn't sell it even if it were-its beatiful, in my opinion.

*no, I did not go minning on the moon.  its is a type of rock found on earth.  It is usually a cloudy white color.

so, just throwing this out.   new post coming soon!

What to do, What to do...

  I read a 314 page long book last night in 3 hours. 

   Pretty good record, I'd say.

   "Al Capone Does My Shirts" by Gennifer Choldenko

Really nice, deep book.  I highly recommend it.

I won't spoil it.  Great- all - around book.

Got some very personal things to talk about,  but not now-parents are due home any second. 

I might not get around until late night.

ja mata!

Smoke Art

   The fourth of July.  Nationalism is a load of bull, but it is still important to  understand that where you are born can have a major impact on who you  are.  

  So I'm around family all day long, on my Dad's side of the family, Everyone around me thanking their freedom, When I'm thinking of just how many different places in the world that have their own history, thier own customs, and how this country is one in hunreds.  Very country has it's day of honor and pride, and they all should be appericated.  

And, this is what I think about as I sit in a circle with my family and munch on red, white and blue goldfish crackers. hehe.

But the best part is always FIREWORKS!   Usually I don't really do fireworks for anything except New Years, but I just can't help ligthing up a sprakler when I see one.  Have you ever written your name with them and then gawked as your name hung in the air quietly for a few seconds right before it fades?  I love that.  I love making a really long drgon, and then, as the sparkler starts to die, draw the mouth, so the litte sput looks like it's shooting falme?

I have a prefect drabble idea...

The first thing I need to do is confess that I have no good reason why I updated 4 days after I said I would.  No good reason.  'I'm tired, livvvvvvvejournaaaalllll' isn't acceptable at all, really.

Horse camp was even more fun than last year. 

Day One: (complete with pictures!)

Arriving is always a fun part.

             My cousin, pink, her friend, baby blue jay, pink’s new step sister beam and I were in cabin 1.  The First thing we all noticed was that this cabin could not have been used by the pervious campers.  As in, I was alerted just as we walked through the door.


            I have known the unfortunate truth of my cousin’s personality-girly girly, Hollister, Barbie loving prep.  Baby blue jay is not nearly as bad.  Or at least her wardrobe consists of more colors than pink.  I sincerely hoped that Beam would break this trend.  While she is so much better than Pink and Baby blue Jay, It was she who made the loudest noise I heard in my life.  Our entry went something like this:


Pink: walks in 1st) squeallllllllllllll!  EEEEEKKKKK!

Baby Blue Jay: (2nd) OMG! MOM!  Ew, ew ,ew ,ew, ew, ew, ew ,ew ,ew ,ew…

Me:  Dang, look at all those cobwebs.  Do you think this cabin has been used yet?



            Arachnophobia is not really an irrational fear, but jeeez…I think she damaged my eardrum.


            So the when the parents and I were done cleaning out place and setting out stuff in order,  Mrs. Christine walked in.  This is a wonderful woman.  Really.  Just a quick note.  Anyway she starts putting us up to date with what’s been going on. 


            And there was a three-week-old foal around back!


They had not been expecting her at all.  Tallulah (Mrs. Christine always wanted to name a filly that…poor thing got stuck with it) had been born to a 20-year-old mare she just recently bought for camp.  4 weeks later she got a surprise!




She is the cutest thing?  It was a wonderful way to start a week.  My only regret is that I wasted all my camera’s batteries on her.  I only got a few more pictures besides these for the whole trip.  Next time, bring batteries for you battery eating Camera, RedxBluexNess!

My fingers hurt now. 

The Rest should be up by Saturday!

Feels good to be Back! 

Ja Mata!

Jun. 16th, 2007

  Basically a little news post.

  Umi To Hii chapter is almost done! 

  But it will not be up until next Saturday
Time to go to HORSE CAMP!

This will be my second time going to Camp Liberty, as well as my second time staying overnight for a week in some place other than my house or a relatives (though the camp is very close to where my Aunt lives).  It was so much fun last time.  And THIS time I have a digital camera!

Just like last time, I will be sharing a cabin with my cousin of the aforementioned Aunt, but unlike last time, I get to meet my new step-cousin.  Yep, Aunt got married in...March, I think it was.  I hope she hates my blood cousin as much as I do.  Then we will probably get along and have lots of fun.  

I really can't understand why I am so excited to meet her.  I would usually be dreading meeting a new person.

Well, Its not a bad thing. 

So I'll be gone for a week.

And Then I am having my BIRTHDAY PARTY!

I am not telling how old I'll be.

See ya for now!

:: I just learned today that P.S means post script.  coooolllll::

I have a big headache, and advil isn't doing a thing.  I've learned that this means my body isn't getting enough sleep.
I can't really argue with it.  Going to bed at 1:00 and waking up at 6:00 doesn't seem to be working for me.  Dammit. 
I hate sleeping.  Makes me feel like I'm dead.


I can't write...

I am having a big thought block.  I can't think about doing anything.  I hate it when I am restless like this.  I come up with al sorts of creative ideas and then when I get focused I can never remeber any of them.  Dammit!
  I really want to learn japanese, but learning out of a book doesn't work for me. 
I have this really good idea for a story that won't materlize into readable format.  
 I want to learn some kind of musical inturment.  
I want to invite my friends to my party.
Which I know from past experiences they will not be able to make it.
I want to find of site that gives you kanji with correct pronuouciation.  
I want to tell my parents about my being an athiest and not be sent to some christian school.  
I want to ride my bike.

The above I can actually do.  
I want to change my layout, but nothing seems to fit.

I hate these moods so very much.

I really need to do something productive.

I want Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows to come out.

But First the bike ride.  I need to calm down.

To anyone who may being reading this <Yeah right...>  Umi to HI basically translates to Ocean and Fire.  And that story is on it's way, don't worry.

So, bike ride, then Harry Potter Fanfiction.  I want to do some kind of project for the fandom.  And since my scanner is 
not working...

I need to shut up.
Ja Mata.

I miss Grammy...

  She Died at the beginning of the School year.   I've felt kind of numb about it for a few months now, but it's summer now...we would visit her alot in the summer.  She was always warm and nice.  She never accepted old age.  Before she began to lose her hair from Kemo, it was a bright orange.  She like her personality.  Firey.  I wasn't sure who was the grandchild sometimes.  

  It just all caught up with me while I was swimming today.  I looked up and saw a storm looming, and there was this organish haze in the air.  With the smell of chroline and the color, It all rushed back.  I remembered how she would play in her pool with us and throw water baloons at me and my cousins.  

  I left.  

 The storm passed us last night, but there is a new one brewing.  Tassie (my pup) is hyperventalating.  It's going to be a big one. 

I love storms.

Tobacco needs to be outlawed.  Just how is it different from other drugs?  It kills, it hurts.


My Dream....June 5th, 2007

  I've got an impressive record of crazy dreams.  I'm sure there are some that have made my brain pity me and has mercifully buried them somewhere so I don't have to suffer.  So I'm pretty used to having 'WTF?' dreams then waking up and not remembering them.   

  None, not even the one when I was 3 and was repeadly chased by a cartoon t-rex, can measure up to the one I had last night. 

  Okay, so, In the dream my mom was dating this guy that looks alot like Al Capone (where did Dad go?).  Meanwhile, Al Capone look-alike had seen me and my little brother off to a broading school for people with magic powers (not Hogwarts-it looked like a shack...).  There, we learned to make paint Jack-o-laterns.  Yeah.  So I somehow get out of class and jump into a river that has just suddenly appeared, and am washed up at my house (Even thought the largest body of water is a man-made creek 1 mile away and I wash up on the lawn).  Somehow, my brother is there to (nevermind he didn't jump into the river with me...) and is fighting with the Al Capone dude, who transforms into a rhino/snake thing.  My brother whines about how he wants me to make him a sandwich (At least his behavior is accurate...did I mention hes' eleven?) while I destroy now normal Al Capone guy with markers.  Then Mom shows up and we eat breakfast and she goes to work.  

  Then I wake up, and the above sentence becomes a relality. 

....Awwww cute little avatar!  Thank you person of photobucket!

Already an active member...

Title: Umi to Hi (1 of 4)
Band: Gackt and Hyde
Pairing: GacktxHyde
Rating: pg-13 overall
Warning: extreme fluff, soon to be extreme angst
Summary:  Hyde thoughts on Gackt, part 1.  Gackt's POV coming soon.
Note: Just very, very short drabble.  The second parts of thier thoughts will be much longer as they interact, but the first two chapters are very drabble-like.

Two Hours And I'm already posting...Cool! (if you knew me, you would know why
this is an accomplishment)



 I have some pride for the beauty of the state I live in.  Cranes everywhere, squirrels, ponds and swamps, gorgeously green flora with a hazy blue hue...

To bad all the natural beauty is the very reason I HATE my state's SUMMER.

Damn, I don't know how it is in other states, but the majority of my state is covered in marsh and swamp, leading to melt your face humidity and suck-up- the-remains misquitoes.  I can barely force myself to walk down to the neighbourhood pool it's just THAT bad.  

Why, Why, DOOSHITE,  can't they move the longest school break to winter?  I love Winter....

My Whole aversion to the Heat makes me wonder about things though.  Such as, I'm realated to these people I live with?  My mom gets freakin COLD outside in summer!  She's always saying how cold this state is.  

Plus, I was born in June....

....So, what's your definition for normal, and do I fit it?


Ego is fun to say! Ego! Ego, Ego, Ego...Eggggggggooooooooooooooooooo!


fox, kit, cute